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Why products are such an important part of my photography process.

When I think about photography, I don't think about digital files.

Ok, if your still here....Yes! Digital files are important for keeping a copy in case your art gets damaged or worst, destroyed. However, prints and books spark unexplained emotion when you hold them in your hands. When you pass that storybook of your world around the table as memories flood you. When you walk down the hallway and see the fine art prints, rich in color, detail and archival quality, you understand why you asked me to come spend the day with you and your family. Documenting what not many others get to see, your REAL life. The one you call home, comfort and love. The one that no matter the mess, chaos or the unexpected, becomes more beautiful than if you were dressed to the hilt. I truly believe that real life is beautiful.

I believe in making sure your artwork is in your hands, or on your wall by providing a full service business model. Making sure our time together is spent with creative intent from start to finish. So that you can relax. Allow the professional who spends hours a day perfecting her craft and business take care of it all. It will be the most relaxed and easiest photography session you have yet encountered.

In celebration of this philosophy, I am offering a limited time offer on November 28th-30th for Small Business Saturday.This is a great opportunity for the gift giving season upon us! What parent doesn't want this for Christmas?

GIFT CERTIFICATES $400: Valid through the years 2021-2022. Give the gift of a family session. Get 2 hours of either Documentary or Environmental Portrait shoot and an 11X14 Gift Print. You save $100 and your receiver gets a memorable gift they will never forget!

Want to see some of the products I offer? Please let me know you'd like to meet or zoom for a free consultation. I would love to be a fly on your wall!

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