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Why I chose Fine Art Schooled Portraits.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I have done school photography before doing the Fine Art Schooled structure. Four years ago when I first opened Melissa Read Healy Photography, I started school portraits with local preschools. I loved working with the schools, and seeing those sweet little faces that particular work day. But I didn't really like how the weather was unpredictable, and the outdoor environment made the little ones yearn to run, not usually in my direction. But as a mom of four, I loved the idea of school photography. I loved the fact that professional photographers came a snapped a photo of my kid twice a year with little to no effort on my part and it was affordable. As an artist, I loved it for documentary purposes, but didn't really "love" the fake park in the back ground and lack of personality they seemed to have. As if I could here them saying "CHEESE" really loud. Yes, it did become a time capsule for my child's school days and it will be added to their school momentos that we as parents are suppose to keep up with, but will it be hanging on my wall forever? Probably not. So as a mom, photographer, and artist, how could I get more mileage out of a school portrait?

What if you could melt all those together to make timeless photographs of children in a school setting that represent their true personality? The past year, I spent preparing for this years launch of Fine Art Schooled, modern school portraits with real personality and timeless appeal. Thanks to Elena S. Blair, who gave me the guidance and confidence to launch this perfect mix of school photography in my area, without your knowledge, I would still be searching for my ideal mixture.

I am so excited about adding this to my brand of real, natural light portraiture that I strive for at Melissa Read Healy Photography. These portraits are simple with black or white backdrops, typically with shoulders up but vary if siblings are involved. Both color and black & white images are available for you to choose your favorites. My goal is to provide a personal experience to all the families who attend the schools that have chosen me to photograph their children. By spending time with each child, I am able find their true spirit, and captured using natural light. I offer competitive pricing, easy online ordering, boutique services and 10% of all profits go back to your school. 

Any of this sound of interest to you or know a school this would be perfect for? I am currently scheduling for the Spring and Fall 2019 School Year.

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