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Year in the Life

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

There's one thing I regret regarding the births of my four children. I wish I had hired a photographer to come and get some shots of maternity, hospital, and first birthdays. As a photographer, I did manage to complete my children's 3,6 and 9 month mile-stones. But as a mother, I was rarely in them, was too tired to "do the work" and I still don't have a storybook that contains all those memories that I can't remember. I did manage to get bits and pieces, I call them snap shots, during the haze of raising four small children. I was checkin boxes and snappin photos to remember what I only too soon forgot. The feel of the moment. So, in lieu of opportunities lost and experience gained, I designed a photographic storybook of baby's first year entitled; Year in the Life. These collections include an entire year of Documentary coverage,

6 (2HR) sessions, resulting in a storybook of images that will hold your heart forever.

**The following story was my first Year in the Life model call 2019-2020. Model Call means that they agreed to let me into their lives, trusting that I will create to the best my ability, art that will emulate each family's true spirit. My work focuses on relationships, adventures in the routine, emotional connections, and the uniqueness of each family. The year ended the weekend before the Governor of NC shut down the state due to COVID-19. Thankfully all are well and doing their best to find a new normal.


WOW! I'm so excited...nervous...and inspired that this family said yes to the idea of me spending a year together, capturing the first year of life with a new baby, a new sibling. I am allowed access to the most intimate and exciting thing happening in this families world. I get to document baby before she enters the world as well as when she introduces herself into the family. I get to watch her grow, explore and develop during pivotal moments in her life. I'll watch her sister as she adapts to not being an only child anymore, as she welcomes her baby sister into her world. I get to watch it all through my lens as I document all those moments for parents as they adapt to this new family unit. I am humbled and honored as I look back thru this past year of images. I have compiled a portfolio of images that tell the story of Year in the Life. These images represent maternity (life with one child), coming home(welcome home baby girl), 3 month (an evening at home), 6 month (big sisters birthday), 9 month (tradition: Christmas tree hunt), completing the year with her first birthday party with family and friends.

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