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I met Christen at a Storytellers Conference in Miami, FL. A first time for me as well as the woman who put this conference on, this international conference hosted the best of the Documentary Family photographers in the world, and took care 100 amazing photographers as their guests. I was in awe just to be around these people. Talking on the porch one night after dinner, we realized we lived to close to each other and talked about getting together. She reached out a year later, and I could not type fast enough to reconnect! I was so excited she invited me into her world and her family. She is also a talented photographer, so I was so excited to spend time picking her brain on photography and business. I spent 12+ hours (overnight campout), documenting her sweet family. I was documenting her normal family routines, as well as celebrating her daughter's first birthday, at age four. You may ask, how does that happen? LEAP YEAR BABY. Her daughter was born in a leap year, so although she was turning four, this was the first birthday she has been able to celebrate since she was born. And celebrate, we did! Hope you enjoy my favorites from this amazing family experience.

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