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Why Family Photojournalism?

Why choose a professional documentary photographer for simple, casual, everyday moments that you see all the time? I mean, everyone has a cell phone, and each cell phone company wants to out do the other, so they all have decent cameras. Why do you need to hire a professional?

Yes, Professional Documentary Photographers study and invest years of hard work to become artist that speak through their camera. But the simplest reason is this. The one who is ALWAYS taking the picture, will now be present and accounted for in the experience. Not only will they be present, they will be relaxed and feeling all the real feels at hand. Professionals are trained to be knowledgable of their camera, lighting, composition, therefore becoming just another body in the room. Artists styles can vary so pick an artist that is true to your heart visually and estheticly and you will LOVE your images you see. The images you will get by hiring a professional documentary photographer will capture your true spirit of your family. Everyone will be relaxed and doing what they do. There is no posing or direction, no interference allows you to relax and forget the photographer is there. That's when you get the best work. There will be funny, tender,mischivious and beautiful moments that happen. You will be able to see yourself as others see you or at least how the photographer see's you. You will capture a time that cannot be repeated. While in the moment life seems chaotic raising babie's, your photographer, artist friend, wants to hangout, document your day, and make a storybook that you can pass around the table. Tell the stories the way you remember them and be thankful that you hired a professional to capture your kids before they weren't kids anymore. What are you waiting for?

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